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SpaceBoxes by spxl 18 January, 2009 at 7:59 pm

Processing sample: SpaceBoxes_by_spxl_1_0


Source code:

Another Processing sketch, this time with some boxes flying out of the screen at you… a little like an asteroid field, only super boxy. I’ve included a 2D image in the background as well, and it all swirls around almost dizzyingly… I don’t know if there is a better way to just have the 2D image as a backing layer with the 3D drawn over the top. I had to move the “camera” and objects so they weren’t hidden by the 2D image plane.

Well, despite any problems, it is my first submission on, which has a lot of cool sketches posted by others.

It shall also go into my box of tricks for an upcoming gig: Immersion at The Flea-Pit on Columbia Road in February.

Edit: versioning has bitten me again… I wanted to update the program on, had it working nicely, then went too far! Started on more extensive changes that will take a bit more time and thought, and could possibly break everything. Perhaps I should fork every time I have it in a working state, or at the very least when I publish online.


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