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spxlSpikyBall v1.0 25 February, 2009 at 2:36 am

Processing sample: spxlSpikyBall_1_0


Source code:

I think I might find myself delving into (more) non-standardard OpenGL calls within Processing in the near future. This is an example using a small library (SuperPoint) that allows you to build an array of points (that don’t move relative to each other) once and draw them many times. This allows you to do all your setup calculations just once, and allows you to plot multiple copies of the set of points as well. Here I’ve chosen to plot the same set of points at slightly differing scales and rotations (for the base geometry) and differing “point sizes” to give the spikes the appearance of little soft-pointy cones. I built in some wandering movement that is enabled by default,  so this sketch is pleasing enough to watch without having to fiddle with it. Of course fiddling is more fun.. turn on the auto [c]entre mode and click the mouse somewhere (or press an arrow key) on (or off) the beat to some music, for example. Hit [s] to change the spin or [j]ump to a random position. Okay, so they’re not advanced spline-based keyframe activated audio-reactive magic – that’s to be added (by you or me?) later!


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