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spxlConeWheel 12 March, 2009 at 2:29 am

Processing sample: spxlConeWheel


View sketch page for source code.

I’ve been thinking about adding pointy bits to some 3D models, instead of making everything from boxes and/or spheres. Maybe still a bit boxy (eg a square pyramid), but maybe also some nice cones. I saw a while back that one of the geometry-creating modes was a triangle fan, which looked perfect for making cones and pyramids.

Clearly, having just one cone is n’t enough, so I made a spiky ring whcih went through various changes (with varying animations) until I arrived at this. I quite like it when the “cones” drop down to having only 2 sides,  so they are then just flat. Maybe a bit boring if just a triangle, but the arrangement of base-to-base cones here instead leaves a rather pleasant kite shape, reminding me of a blade, perhaps. When there are heaps of them – more than would at first seem sensible, a nice rippling/fluttering effect occurs. Overall it reminds me of an assignment I had in a class on colour to make a colour wheel – the name ConeWheel being a reference to that.

I’m surprised at how fast this runs in the P3D mode (faster than OpenGl in this case?), even with a seemingly large number of “cones”. It is more bright and cheery in P3D mode at any rate, and was chosen to allow posting to


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