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About subpixel

subpixel is a video artist / VJ / visualist from Sydney.

subpixel is also a programmer, part-time loungeroom philosopher, and generally all-’round nice guy.

See subpixel’s media portal, SPXL.TV, for music videos, demos, and clips from past gigs.

You can also find subpixel on social networking sites, including:

For a long time I’ve been interested in graphics and visuals. Since 2006 I’ve been supplying visuals for gigs, parties, and home entertainment, drawing on material I’d produced both consciously and subconsciously before even thinking I would be a VJ, and new material from an ongoing development process with custom effects, video, graphics, animation and so on.

A lot of of VJ material I had seen in the past involved short loops, typically fast-paced, highly processed and/or computer generated video clips and animations. Something like a truck bearing down on you in a tunnel with multicoloured strobe lights and laser beams for headlights. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, and these kind of visuals have their place, but they don’t really suit a lot of the music I like to listen to. A lot of the visuals I make are more ‘organic’, have some sort of progression or journey, contain tidbits of real life, places, people… more of a dreamscape than a train smash.

More recently I have written custom software to generate realtime visuals; experiments with a bit more of a tech edge that I hope to combine with my prior, more filmic, work.