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Ars Electronica 2008

The Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, runs from Thu 04 to Tue 09 September.

There is a Central Europe Couchsurfing meeting, Czechsurfing, happening just a few days afterwards in nearby Prague from Fri 12 to Sun 14 September.

Prague is also close to Berlin, a place I’d really like to visit again. See the driving route from Salzburg to Linz, Praha and Berlin for an idea of proximity.

I’m putting on visuals at Mind! in Brixton on Wed 03 September (10pm-2am), and need to be back on Wed 17 for the second instalment. I think I’ll be taking my laptop with me to work on some more visuals while I’m away, not only for Mind!, but also for another gig at Vibe Live on Brick Lane (above the Vibe Bar) on Sun 20 September. Hopefully the festival will give me plenty of inspiration!

The Plan (September 2008)

Wed 03 : Mind! @ The Dogstar

Visuals for new night at The Dogstar in Brixton. 10pm til 2am. Really need to be packed and ready for the early flight tomorrow. Only barely time to go home before taking train to the airport.

Thu 04 – Tue 09 : Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

To get to Linz from Brixton…

  • London Buses N35 night bus, Brixton to Liverpool Street Station: ~25min.
    Maybe go home to pick up stuff and then go to the station, which will take longer.
  • Stansted Express, dep 03:40 or 04:10, ~46min.
    Estimate: GBP24 (return ticket).
  • RyanAir FR304, dep STN 06:30, arr SZG 09:25.
    Booked 22/Aug, GBP62.84 incl. bs.
  • train: Salzburg to Linz, ~135km.
    Estimate: EUR20.70.

Spend some days in Linz for the Ars Electronica festival! I have found a CouchSurfing host who is going to see stuff from the festival in the evenings, which is great news! :o)

Wed 10 – Sunday 14 : Prague + Czechsurfing Meet

  • train(s), as yet unkonwn. Linz to Prague: ~250km.
    Estimate: Unknown, expect EUR30 or more.

See discussion on Tripadvisor about trains from Linz to Prague.

Not sure what to do for the first couple of days in Prague. Maybe see something a bit out of town. One suggestion is to change trains at a place called

The weekend, Friday 12 to Sunday 14 September, is planned for the Czechsurfing Central Europe CouchSurfing meeting. Meeting Venues Map

Mon 15 – Tue 17 : Berlin

  • Bohemian Lines coach, dep Praha 17:45, arr Berlin ZOB Am Funktum 22:45, ~350km.
    Booked 24/Aug, CZK490 (~GBP16).

Spend a couple of nights in Berlin… though it isn’t a weekend, so should really find out in advance is anything is happening. Flights from Prague direct to London at this time are quite expensive, so this way is kind of a ‘free’ day-and-a-bit in Berlin. :o)

Wed 17 : Berlin to London + Mind! @ The Dogstar

  • RyanAir FR8543, dep SXF (Berlin Shonefeld) 09:35, arr STN 10:25.
    Booked 22/Aug, EUR25 incl. bs.

After I get home I need get ready for the second instalment of Mind! at The Dogstar in Brixton.