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Once upon a time in London

This is an entry I’d started writing on Tue 28 October, but didn’t get around to completing until now, so mostly references a weekend three weeks ago… Tuesday 28 October It seemed to be quite chilly when I was out last night, and this evening, when a houseguest came inside, they announced that it was […]

The Dark Ages

For Thursday October 30, 2008. The Dark Ages It seems that I’ve been accursed with darkness the past few days. First the bulb in my lamp went, then this evening my ceiling light. Grr. Off to the shops for some groceries (and light bulbs) I go. I arrive home to find a flatmate cooking in […]

Sweet, sweet eye candy

From the What’s Cooking? department… I’ve been to a couple of VJ events this week: the meetup on Wednesday at T-Bar, and Immersion (a live experimental electronic music + visuals gig) on Thursday in The Flea Pit. I’ll mention that it’s great now living in Shoreditch, as both these venues are only a short […]

London VJ meeting, Wed 9 July at T-Bar

London VJ meeting: 9th of July 2008 from vjdrmo on Vimeo.