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Neon v2 goes open source!

After more than a year since the last “news” on the Neon v2 website, some big news indeed: Neon v2 has gone open source! (First read about here: “Neon v2 goes open source” by Soledad Penad├ęs). Neon v2 being the software that I use for mixing visuals, of course, which is why I’m excited. This […]

HLSL pixel shaders

I’ve been trying to learn some HLSL (“HLSL is the High Level Shading Language for DirectX”), or at the very least use HLSL to create some new effects for use in Neon v2. Neon allows you to use real-time, hardware pixel shaders to manipulate each layer in the composition. Part of the problem has been […]

Subpixel Visuals {LIVE} on the net!

I’ve had Skype installed on my PC for ages, but never actually used it… nor any other webcam chat software. Previously that was mainly due to not having a webcam (a pretty good reason, I reckon!). I’ve had a crappy little cam for a while, and rarely used it – a couple of tests to […]

The Beatles, Banksy, graff & light painting

Today I thought I’d have another crack at getting Neon v2 to work with other video formats again. I’m sure it used to work, but I’ve broken it somehow. Reinstalling Neon didn’t seem to work, so I’ve taken some drastic measures and tried uninstalling as many codecs as I could figure out how to uninstall… […]

Subpixel Visuals – 14 Dec 2007

Okay, so this seems a little out of date already… but it is about as recent as things are at the moment. I still don’t know how to properly write a .fx shader program (can someone direct me to a resource on this?), but I can figure out enough from some sample effects that came […]