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Processing 1.0

Esfera_mod_by_spxl_4 based on Esfera.pde by David Pena Source code: Esfera_mod_by_spxl_4.pde Hair.pde Oscillator.pde Just when I thought I was clever having multiple Processing sketches live in the same folder (to share libraries), along comes Processing 1.0. I’d only just downloaded a newer version, like, yesterday… Okay, I’ll get the official 1.0 release then. Since it’s official […]

Esfera mod by spxl 3

Esfera_mod_by_spxl_3 based on Esfera.pde by David Pena Source code: Esfera_mod_by_spxl_3.pde Hair.pde Oscillator.pde I decided to have a bit more of a play with Processing. Some of the changes in v3: Hair.pde and Osciallator.pde created with just the Hair and Oscillator classes in them. I also removed references from the Hair class to the global variables […]