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Site upgrades, photo galleries and more

There should be an image gallery just above this: some still captures of the visuals I mix. There should also be a couple of random images in the sidebar. Over the past few days I’ve been tidying up the contents of my webserver. The other day I noticed that the gallery was broken, and it […]

WordPress 2.3.2 upgrade

It didn’t escape my attention that the autoinstaller for WordPress supplied by my host, (nb: link includes my customer code to ‘earn free hosting’…), was out of date at the time I did the installation. When viewing the admin pages it reminded me constantly that an update was available, and that there were urgent […]

Yo – word up!

The pixel blog is maketh-ed. I don’t really feel like learning a whole bag of stuff about WordPress right now, so ’tis going to look hell boring for a while. I’ve just spent a bunch of time reporting a user to and updating long-ish HTML documentation about them – I decided to add an […]