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WebDev Cheat Sheets

Lifted from Ultimate Server-Side Web Development Cheat Sheets for my own reference. Please go there to feed Miguel’s hitcount/etc. I’m intending this page as a sor of to-do list as well, and may add my own comments, add to the list or remove from it.

Ultimate Server-Side Web Development Cheat Sheets

Posted by miguelcarrasco in Monday, August 27th 2007
Topics: Cheat Sheets, Software Development, Web Development

Even before the other Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide became popular on Digg and, I was working on another version focused around Server-Side technologies. I was going to add them into the other list, but removed them. I wanted to have a list that was more focused, and only had the best Server-Side Cheat Sheets. Also please note while there are hundreds of cheat sheets for each area, I try and only list at most the top 10 in each area, otherwise it makes the guide useless with repeated data. This makes these guides much more useful than the old guides out there.


Jack Daniel’s PHP Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Interactive PHP Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Blue Shoes Developer – PHP Cheat Sheet (HTML)

PHP Cheat Sheet (HTML)

PHP Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Regular Expressions Reference Sheet (HTML)

Tiger PHP Cheat Sheet (PDF)

PHP 4 Reference Card (PDF)

PHP Templates Cheat Sheet (PDF)


Ruby Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Jack Daniel’s Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Textmate Rails Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Zen Spider Ruby Quick Reference (HTML)

Rails Reference 1.1 (PDF)

Rails Active Resource Cheat Sheet (PDF)

ActiveRecord Relationships (PDF)

Rails Strings Cheat Sheet (PDF)

What Goes Where Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Ruby on Rails Form Helpers (PDF)


Perl Quick Reference (PDF)

Perl Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Perl 5 Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Perl Testing Reference Card (PDF)

Perl Quick Reference Card (PDF) Page Lifecycle Diagram (PNG)

.NET Format String Quick Reference (PDF)

ASP.NET 2.0 Page Life Cycle & Common Events (PDF)

Visual Studio 2005 Built-in Code Snippets (C#) (PDF)

Visual Studio 2005 Default Keybindings C# (PDF)

Visual Studio 2005 Default Keybindings (PDF)

ASP.NET AJAX Client Life Cycle & Events (PDF) and C# Comparison (PDF) (Word)

Casting in and C# (HTML) Basics (PDF)


Python 2.4 Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Python 2.2 Quick Reference (HTML)

Python Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Python 101 Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Python PHP Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Python Quick Reference (PDF)


ColdFusion Reference Sheet (PDF)

ColdFusion Cheat Sheet (HTML)

ColdFusion Quick Reference (HTML)

Java / JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages Syntax (PDF)

JSP 2.0 XML Cheat Sheet (HTML)

Java Cheat Sheet : Java Glossary (HTML)

Java Reference Sheet (PDF)


Jack Daniel’s MySQL Cheat Sheet (PDF) (PNG)

MySQL Reference Card (PDF)

Neal Parikh MySQL Cheat Sheet (HTML)

MySQL Reference Sheet (PDF)

Handy Cheat-Sheet of MySQL Commands (HTML)

MySQL Commands (HTML)

SQL Injection Cheat Sheet (HTML)

SQL Server

Jack Daniel’s SQL Server Cheat Sheet (PDF) (PNG)

A to Z SQL Server 2005 (HTML)

SQL Injection Cheat Sheet (HTML)