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Radial Gradient Array

by subpixel

What was a simple array of filled circles is now... dynamic! :o)


Try pplaying some music and pressing O/P on fairly regular beats, D/F/T on less often beats, and R on more dramatic changes in the music.

Maybe it's just me, but I got sucked into watching this for a while... mind you, I've spent ages twilddling the knobs behind the scenes, so it's been (in some sense) good value. :o)

Have a peek in the code for some exciting calculations for the sizes of the circles and the spacing...

k = 1/2 * sqrt( pi/c ) - 1
D = x / ( n + k(n+1) )

Based on Simple Radial Gradient by Ira Greenberg.
Examples > Basics > Color > RadialGradient

Source code: RadialGradient_mod_by_spxl

Built with Processing