spxlAutoMask FFGL Plugins for Resolume Arena and Resolume Avenue v5, v6, v7 (Windows only)

spxlAutoMask is a replacement/alternative effect plugin for the Auto Mask effect that comes with Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena. The Auto Mask effect that came with Resolume versions prior to v6 (point somthing) only had one mode, and tended to make anyhing blue washed out/weak, even with the Contrast parameter set to maximum. spxlAutoMask can give you your blues back, and also remove some nasty fringing effects that the orirignal introduced with high Contrast settings.

Demonstration videos showing comparisons between spxlAutoMask and Resolume's Auto Mask effect on YouTube:

Demo video 1: spxlAutoMask v2.1 FFGL Plugin demo | SPXL (2017)

Demo video 2: spxlAutoMask v2.6 FFGL Plugin demo - Saturated colour wheels | SPXL (2022)

Platform:Windows only

Plugin Information

NOTE: Windows only. Not available for Mac OSX.

The software download includes FFGL plugin DLLs for Resolume v5 (FFGL 1.6, 32-bit), Resolume v6 (FFGL 1.6, 64-bit), and Resolume v7 (FFGL 2.1, 64-bit).

The FFGL 1.6 plugins (for Resolume v5 and v6) were built using the FFGL1.6 SDK supplied by Resolume on GitHub.

The FFGL 2.1 plugin (for Resolume v7) was built using a modified version of the FFGL2.1 SDK. The original SDK is supplied by Resolume on GitHub. See https://github.com/resolume/ffgl for more information.

Tested on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit):

Single Host Commercial License $15.00 AUD (Windows Only)

The Single Host Commercial License available is for use on a single host (physical or virtual) for commercial projects. The license also covers your use on any number of hosts for non-commercial projects and test environments. You may keep backup copies. The license is not transferrable.

Please purchase additional licenses if you wish to use on multiple hosts concurrently for commercial projects.

Secure payment via PayPal. $15.00 (Australian Dollars). Orders are processed manually and you will receive an email with the password to decrypt the zip file(s).

I sometimes don't check mail for days, so try alerting me via a message to my Facebook page to speed up the process (see Support below for contact details).


Go to the download page to access the download(s). The files are encrypted and the decryption key will be emailed to you when you purchase a license.


Author: subpixel

Email: ffgl@subpixels.com.

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