spxlQuadGradient FFGL Source/Effect Plugins for Resolume Arena and Resolume Avenue v5, v6, v7 (Windows only)

Quad gradient source and effect plugins for Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena.

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Demo video: spxlQuadGradient v1.1 ffgl21 x64 (Resolume v7) Demo | SPXL

Demo video: spxlQuadGradient v1.1 ffgl16 x64 (Resolume v6) Demo | SPXL

Platform:Windows only

Plugin Information

NOTE: Windows only. Not yet available for Mac OSX.

The software download includes FFGL plugin DLLs for Resolume v5 (FFGL 1.6, 32-bit), Resolume v6 (FFGL 1.6, 64-bit), and Resolume v7 (FFGL 2.1, 64-bit).

The source plugins can be dragged into a clip slot. The effect plugins can be used in the effect chains on clips, layers, groups and the composition.

The plugins render a smooth gradient between the colors specified for the four corners of a rectangle ("quad", short for quadrilateral). The size of the quad can be specified for the FFGL Source plugins in Resolume, else the size of the texture (the clip, layer, group or composition that the FFGL Effect is applied to) is maintained. The corners are listed in the order: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and the colors are specified using RGB (red, green, blue) or HSB (hue, saturation, brightness) color schemes, depending on which plugin is used.

Resolume's custom parameter types for hue, saturation and brightness (introduced in Resolume v6) are supported. When these three parameter types are used together, Resolume displays a fancy color picker widget (with "PICK", "RGB", HSB" modes and 9-color the Palette) in the user interface instead of three sliders. Note that the fancy picker's "Alpha" slider value is NOT accessible in FFGL plugins for Resolume v6, hence the separate alpha sliders for each corner ("TL Alpha", "TR Alpha", etc) immediately following the fancy color pickers. In Resolme v7, the value from the color picker's alpha slider is made available to FFGL plugins, and the spxlQuadGradient plugins utilise that.

The plugins with "RGB" and "HSB" in their names do not use Resolume's custom parameters types, and are provided for compatibility with Resolume v5 (and possibly other FFGL hosts).

When the effects are applied to a clip, layer, group, or the composition, the alpha channel of the content is maintained in the result, so content with alpha channel will only be colored where the pixels are not transparent. The blend mode setting for each effect in Resolume can be used in conjunction with the effect opacity slider for interesting results.

It is possible to create transparency in a solid layer using the effect plugins, but not generally with effect blend modes other than Alpha.

The FFGL 1.6 plugins (for Resolume v5 and v6) were built using the FFGL1.6 SDK supplied by Resolume on GitHub.

The FFGL 2.1 plugins (for Resolume v7) were built using a modified version of the FFGL2.1 SDK. The original SDK is supplied by Resolume on GitHub. See https://github.com/resolume/ffgl for more information.

Tested on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit):

Single Host Commercial License $15 AUD (Windows Only)

The Single Host Commercial License available is for use on a single host (physical or virtual) for commercial projects. The license also covers your use on any number of hosts for non-commercial projects and test environments. You may keep backup copies. The license is not transferrable.

Please purchase additional licenses if you wish to use on multiple hosts concurrently for commercial projects.

Secure payment via PayPal. $15 (Australian Dollars). Orders are processed manually and you will receive an email with the password to decrypt the zip file(s).

I sometimes don't check mail for days, so try alerting me via a message to my Facebook page to speed up the process (see Support below for contact details).


Go to the download page to access the download(s). The files are encrypted and the decryption key will be emailed to you when you purchase a license.


Author: subpixel

Email: ffgl@subpixels.com.

Facebook: subpixel