FFGL SDKs (Software Development Kits)


FFGL SDKs for Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena media server software.

The wip (work in progress) folder contains versions of subpixel's FFGL SDK fork, which was based on the Resolume FFGL2.0 SDK.

The "resolume-ffgl-" zip archives are copies of the various releases from the Resolume FFGL repository on GitHub. The FFGL1.6 SDK is required to develop plugins for Resolume v5 and v6, and is no longer available from the Resolume FFGL repository. The FFGL2.0 SDK has also been removed, however is superseded by the FFGL2.1 SDK for Resolume v7.

You can use a free utility such as 7-Zip to extract encrypted (and unencrypted) archives. Windows may allow you to browse the structure, but not access the file contents, without installing additional software.

7-Zip archiving software is available from:


Email: ffgl@subpixels.com.

Facebook: subpixel



  1. FFGLSDK_1_5_v130807_0740_cleaned.zip - 3.3 MB
  2. FreeFrameSDK_v160526_1256_cleaned.zip - 940 kB
  3. resolume-ffgl-ffgl1.6.zip - 312 kB
  4. resolume-ffgl-ffgl2.0.zip - 557 kB
  5. resolume-ffgl-ffgl2.1.zip - 1.8 MB

Total zips size: 6.9 MB


  1. FreeFrameSDKManual.pdf - 996 kB

Total files size: 996 kB

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